Location: Meredale Nursery (Rainham, Gillingham)
20th July 2017

School Prep Week

School Prep Week  Photo-1
School Prep Week  Photo-2
School Prep Week  Photo-3

As part of the process of preparing our pre-school children who will be soon leaving us to start their new ‘Big’ schools, here at Meredale we plan a week of activities that will help the children in giving them a glimpse of what’s to come.

PE Lesson

Held by one of our very own Meredale Independent School teachers, The children took part in the lesson, including having to get changed into a separate PE KIT.  The children skipped, hopped and galloped around during the lesson following the teacher’s instructions.  The children thoroughly enjoyed the lesson.

Circle Time

The children practiced discussion in this lesson.  Learning to listen to others when they are speaking and were allowed to speak once that person had finished.  They showed this by passing a teddy round.  Each child spoke about what school they would be attending and that they were looking forward to wearing their new uniforms.

Whole Fruit

It can often be overlooked that children do not always pick up the skill of knowing which way to cut or peel a piece of fruit.  The children chose which piece of fruit that they would like for snack and discussed how they would peel it to eat and how they would do this independently at school.

Packed Lunch

The children had a traditional packed lunch, supplied by our on-site chefs and were able to follow the procedure of collecting their lunch bag and making their way to the tables, where they sat with the whole class and ate their lunch.  This also gave them the chance to open packets and fruit themselves.  The children loved this activity and got very excited when they opened their lunches and discussed what they could see.

It wont be long before the children will be leaving us and we wish them all well in their future!