Location: London Kenton (TT)
20th May 2018

School Ready

Lunch box club

As of Thursday 24th May 2018 preschool will be having a lunch box club in preparation of moving to school , children will bring in their own lunchbox (empty) and place it in the designated area, our chef Julie will then collect them and fill them with a packed lunch:

  • Sandwich
  • Item of fruit
  • Carton of juice or small bottle of water
  • Vegetable fingers
  • A small portion of pomme bear crisps

At lunch time children will be required to collect their own lunch box, eat their lunch and return their lunch box to the designated area to be cleared out – these lunch boxes will then go home


PE club

As of Wednesday 23rd May 2018 preschool will be having a PE club in preparation of moving to school, children will be bringing in a PE kit:

  • T-shirt
  • Shorts
  • Plimsolls or change of shoes

The aim of this activity is to teach children how to dress and undress in preparation for PE lessons at school, where teachers do not assist children – this activity will end once children have gone to school and if successful we will continue annually