Location: Harlow
23rd November 2016

Science Day

Science Day  Photo-1
Science Day  Photo-2
Science Day  Photo-3
Science Day  Photo-4

Science Day at the nursery in Harlow is always a wonderful day of colour, experiments, messy play and so much more.

All children through out the nursery in Harlow  took part in activities today.

There was sand, water, time travel, experiments and explosions!!!! 

Ella - age 4 years - It looks like coke!

Ezekiel - age 4 years - Woah Woah LOOK!

Ana - age 3 years - Its exploding! WOW!

Hayley Yeta - EYFS Coordinator and Room leader for 3-5 years    Every child was able to be involved and added different ingredients to the volcano, It was lovely seeing their faces light up and shout excitedly WOW!!! 

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