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Location: Nottingham - Daybrook
8th March 2018

Science Week.

Science Week.  Photo-1
Science Week.  Photo-2
Science Week.  Photo-3
Science Week.  Photo-4
Science Week.  Photo-5
Science Week.  Photo-6

This week the children have been celebrating science week. They have been using a variety of objects; liquids and materials to experiment. 

The Pre-School children took part in creating an exciting volcano activity. They used their fine motor skills to empty the liquids into the containers and watch as this made exciting reactions and explosions. 

The Toddler room also created an exciting chalk and water mark making activity. This involved a chalk covered tuff spot, the children then added water and watched as the water left patterns in the chalk and changed the shape and image. The children then used tools to watch as the chalk disappeared after water was added. 

The baby room created an exciting sensory board activity. This involved a variety of sensory card; paper and materials. The children then used their hands to explore the textures. This is one of the most beneficial activities to babies as they explore using their senses. 

Why not come along for a visit with your little one and join in the activities with us?