Location: Lancaster
17th March 2017

Science Week

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What an exciting week the children here at Lancaster have had for British Science Week!

The baby room explored Gloop, seeing how a liquid can turn to a solid then back to liquid form depending on how it was handled and manipulated. It was a great sensory experience and the children were able to develop a range learning outcomes from the activity. 

Toddlers had fun learning how to mix colours, they mixed a range of colours together to make them change. The children were able to see the colours change and how their actions were making this happen. 

2-3's explored changes by mixing neutral, acid and alkaline solutions together from materials found around the setting. They turned acid solutions neutral and mixed other liquids together to make mini volcanoes. The children got to use a range of new scientific tools i.e. measuring cylinders and pipettes. From this activity the children were able to develop a range of areas across the EYFS as well as taking part in a new learning experience. 

Pre-school got messy creating bouncy balls using PVA glue and Borax solution, they had to use their math skills to measure out the glue and borax to get the right consistency before adding colouring of their choice. They then had to use their hands to mix the solution together to change it from a liquid to a solid form, slowly turning it in to a ball ready for them to bounce.


It certainly has been a fun scientific week, with a special Thank you going to Mrs Watson from Our Ladys Catholic College for her hard work and enthusiasm. Looks like we will have some budding scientists in the future. 
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