Location: Nottingham - Daybrook
14th March 2017

Science Week!

Science Week! Photo-1
Science Week! Photo-2
Science Week! Photo-3
Science Week! Photo-4
Science Week! Photo-5

The children at nursery have been taking part in science activities this week as part of science week! 

The Pre-School Room have created a science area, with a worm world; rocket shoots; a real life snail; magnets and magnifying glasses. They also carried out an exciting activity involving bicarbonate of soda and washing up liquid! They watched as it made it bubble; pop and crack. This got all of the children's language; understanding and exploration skills growing! 

The Toddler room have created an exciting ice kingdom experiment involving the ice with salt and objects hidden inside. This encouraged the children to explore the ice and watch as the ice melted with the salt. They also used tools to chop the ice and get out the objects. 

The Pre-Toddler Room have used frozen paint gloves to encourage the skills of counting the fingers and exploring melting ice. The children then used these fingers to mark make onto the tray. 

The Baby Room have created yummy scrummy smelling playdough! The babies were encouraged to use their fine motor skills; as well as their senses to explore it.They then used the tools to make marks into the playdough.