Location: Nottingham Uni.
13th March 2017

Science week!

Science week! Photo-1
Science week! Photo-2
Science week! Photo-3
Science week! Photo-4

This week the pre-school 2 have had busy week doing many science experiments.

We added vinegar and bicarbonate soda and watched it foam up every where!

We also had corn flour in the middle of a large tray with 3 different colour powdered paint at the edge. We poured the water in the middle of the corn flour and watched it run down and make new colours! We made little piles of mixed powders to see what else we could make!

Another of the experiments we tired was mixing food colouring and milk and added washing up liquid and it separated the milk to see the colours underneath!

We made mini lava lamps too! We put oil in a cup and added teeny tiny drops of food colorings Which changed into balls and floated around!