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Location: Horsham
28th January 2018

Seize the Moment

What a week we have had!

Each day we have been seizing the moment through various activities!

On Monday we enjoyed learning all about what makes us individuals. Our pre-school room Big Cats are very proud of a Family Tree they have made using both photos and drawings of their families. 

On Tuesday we learned all about different occupations and people who take care of us. Our 2-3 year olds have developed amazing role play areas from this to extend the children's learning opportunity. 

On Wednesday we had a very Yummy day! Each room did a different healthy eating activity, Parrots made Scrumptious Smoothies. 

On Thursday we teasted our boundaries and took ourselves out of our comfort zone doing thrill seeking activies. This helped us learn all about risk taking.

And on Friday we were keeping Fit doing lots of sport events. Pre-School did their own sports day and our 2-3 year olds had a Yoga Class!