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Location: Carshalton Beeches
15th September 2017

Shake and Write

Shake and Write Photo-1
Shake and Write Photo-2
Shake and Write Photo-3
Shake and Write Photo-4
Shake and Write Photo-5
Shake and Write Photo-6

We have two Preschool rooms, our PS 1 is for those children turning 3 years old, our second room PS2 is for those children who will be turning 4 before August next year and going off to Reception Class next September.

Busy Bees have designed bespoke enhancements to aid development, under the EYFS.

Here are some of our new children to preschool, learning the Shake and Write enhancement. This has 3 songs which they learn and master in order, ready to move onto the next one. Following the song, they then use gross motor movements in mark making.

Actions to the words are followed by mark making.

Ask yourself, how can  a child to write/form letters like, o, a, using cursive writing, forming anti clockwise and clockwise movements if they can't do it on a large scale, twirling a sky writer.