Location: Wakefield
5th January 2017

Share a Story 17/01/17

'Bringing Stories to Life'

Enrolment week -Day 2 Tuesday 17th January 2017

Sessions available 10.00am-11.00am or 2.00pm- 3.00pm 

Everyone is welcome to come and share a story with us.

Babies are sharing their own story which is a homemade book of photographs of all the babies in the room. The children can share this together and look for their own photographs.

Toddlers will be creating their own stories from their interests such as using transport for example, 'One day Tommy the train went down the track to the station... I wonder where he was going?'

Pre-School children are bringing their own favourite stories to share with their friends and they are going to be getting creative by making their own books.

If you would like to visit us and join in please book here.