Location: Southwell
28th July 2017

Sharing our thoughts and feelings.

Sharing our thoughts and feelings. Photo-1
Sharing our thoughts and feelings. Photo-2

Within the week, one of our Pre-School children came into the setting with a wonderful gift for her peers and staff. The gift was a beautiful white rose for us to plant in our garden.

With the time of year, a lot of friends in Pre-School are transitioning into their new schools, having visits to school and also the teachers visiting us here a Busy Bees Southwell. This can be a difficult time due to the break down of peer friendships and the changes in dynamics to the room and the characters it welcomes through the door each day.

The donation of the rose was made so that the children and staff who are remaining in the setting have got a quiet place in the garden that they can relay their thoughts and feelings, whether that be of happy or sad times, or in times of frustration. The children along with the staff can remember and talk positively to each other using this rose, and remembering their peers and those people in our lives that are no longer with us.

What a thoughtful and generous gift to us. Hopefully we will have this rose for many years to come, Thank you!