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Location: Shellingford
17th January 2018

Shellingford Newsletter

12th January 2018

What we have been getting up to this week:

This week in babies we have been learning and exploring textures and colours using flour and baby oil and adding food colouring to them to see the affect. We have also been practising our counting when building towers of bricks and enjoying when it all comes tumbling down. Additionally we have been singing songs with actions, as well as exploring education programmes of making marks in the sand with the cars and gloop feeling the different texture of materials.  

This week in toddlers we have been working on their shapes and counting to 10 using different objects such as animals and blocks. We have also been learning about hospitals and taking part in imaginative play to make sure their friends are well, and giving medicine if they are poorly. 

This week in pre school we have been very busy, baking lots of different things from cinnamon cake, to gingerbread men. We have also been doing lots of different science experiments from talking about our five senses and different ways we use them. We have also been looking at different liquid ingredients and how when adding them together they form on different levels, and from this we went around the room to add objects to talk about which are heavy and light, and if added to the liquid mixture if they would float or sink.    

Upcoming dates:

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Just a gentle reminder, please take extra care when driving to and from the nursery due to the safety of children and the respect of the local community. 

Thank you.


Kind regards,

Emma Cooper and the team here at Shellingford.