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Location: Shellingford
19th January 2018

Shellingford Newsletter

What we have been getting up to this week

This week in the baby room we have been painting with ice cubes, experimenting what marks they create and how the ice melts as we paint, we have also been painting with our hands to create different shapes. Additionally we have been talking to one another about our emotions, and making faces at one another to show how we feel. Also, we have been exploring the sand in the garden, using it to build sand castles and other structures with the buckets. 

In Toddlers this week we have been working on creating colours in different ways such as adding food colouring to water, colouring to corn flour, as well as mixing paint to create new colours. The toddlers have also been interested in play animals this week, enjoying creating their own farm with blocks and pillows. Additionally we have also been loving going on bear hunts around the garden and in our room, adding the baby dolls into our hunt, role playing caring for the babies. 

The Preschoolers have been looking at lengths as part of their enrich mathematics activity, using rulers to measure what is longer and shorter, as well as folding paper strips to create different length caterpillars. We have also been practising our scissors skills, on how we cut out heart shapes to start decorating them for a Valentine's board. In addition we have been doing paper mache to create different layers so that it can hold it's shape to form as a bowl.  

Staff Holidays

Emma is on annual leave Monday


Kind regards, 

Emma and the team at Shellingford.