Location: Hull
8th November 2017

Snails growing their shells

Snails growing their shells Photo-1
Snails growing their shells Photo-2
Snails growing their shells Photo-3

The children at Busy Bees Hull have adopted some baby snails from Busy Bees Beverley. The children in the nursery are watching the snails grow and develop from eggs. The baby snails how now shredded their eggs and are growing their first shells. The children in pre-school have been talking about the snails shells and discussing how the shell is the snail’s home. The children have created pictures of the snails and what they think an ideal snail house would look like.

Keep checking back to our website for regular up dates on how our snails are growing and developing. If you would like to adopt a baby snail to have at home with you, please speak to someone in the nursery office.