Location: Darlington
31st August 2016

So long....farewell !!

So long....farewell !! Photo-1
So long....farewell !! Photo-2
So long....farewell !! Photo-3
So long....farewell !! Photo-4

So long....farewell !!

Sharon Johnson, Nursery cook for the last 19 years, retired on Friday 26th August with many tears in the nursery as she said her good byes.

Sharon started her busy nursery job in September 1997,and has seen many children grow up and leave nursery to go onto primary school. She has been a great asset to the nursery and enjoyed her job thoroughly.

Sharon was presented with gifts and balloons on her last day and she was given a send off that she deserved, making her last day in nursery a very memorable one.

We will all miss Sharon greatly but hope she enjoys the rest and relaxation