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Location: Rainham
2nd October 2017

Space Week 2nd October to 6th October 2017

Space Week 2nd October to 6th October 2017 Photo-1
Space Week 2nd October to 6th October 2017 Photo-2
Space Week 2nd October to 6th October 2017 Photo-3
Space Week 2nd October to 6th October 2017 Photo-4
Space Week 2nd October to 6th October 2017 Photo-5

The whole nursery enjoyed a range of activities exploring space.  They started the week with Rocket ship junk modelling out of a collection of cardboard boxes, tubes, shredded paper and tissue.  Using their cutting and shaping skills to design their ship.  The children looked at pictures of space rockets for inspiration and once completed they pretended to fly them in to outer space.  Toddler room went one step further and created a control panel out of bottle tops and cardboard to control their flying ships!

Planet painting was up next using a variety of resources like paper plates, paint, tin foil and glue.  The children looked at all the planets and then copied their favourite looking at how the rings are created around the planets also.  The older children went onto discuss the names of the planets while the younger ones looked at the textures of their pictures for effects.

The baby room designed the moon and stars for the week.  By cutting out the different pictures of the moons and sticking them onto black paper to really make them stand out.  They then took star cutters dipped in paint to print the stars all around them.  The babies took great interest in the pictures of the moons that they were using and were expressing themselves with lots of words that associated with what they were seeing.

Black glitter playdough was created to let the children create something they might find in space.  Toddler room ended up singing ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star’ from this activity.

Preschool room were tasked with the activity of ‘Spaceman Walking’ learning why they would feel lighter on the moon than on earth causing their movements to be in slow motion.

To finish off the week the children took part in Alien activities.  Baby room designed Alien Hand prints (With lots of green paint) while preschool room sat down with their favourite book ‘Whatever Next’.

The children really enjoyed space week here at Meredale Day Nursery.