Location: Ayr
28th July 2017

Sponsored Walk!

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This week, all the children in the nursery have been taking part in a Sponsored Walk for 'Meningitis Now' Charity.  

Have a look at how we have been doing!

Monday 24th July: Today, the children from the Sunflower Room and the children from the Daisy Room, went a walk to the 'Learning Circle' which is in the woods behind the Alisa Hospital. The children walked and ran up the many hills to get to the Learning Circle. In total, the children and staff walked 126100 steps!!

Tuesday 25th July: The Sunflowers went on a hunt to find the Gruffalo! They used a different route from Monday, when the Sunflowers got to the top of the hill, they could see the hospital in the far distance! They wondered if they would ever make it back for lunch. In total, we walked 130824 steps.  

Wednesday 26th July: Sadly, it was very rainy today and we could not make it out but we came up with an idea... we carried out our Sponsored Walk in the nursery!! Each Sunflower walked from their room, down to the Baby Room, touched the wall and walked back. In total, 54972 steps were taken.

Thursday 27th July: We had a great day. The children and the staff from the Sunflower Room and both Baby Room's went on a lovely long walk. We walked to the bottom of the hill, crossed at the crossing at the hospital, and when we got to the other side of the road, we could see someone that we all recognised, it was Eleanor! Eleanor came to join us on our walk to the 'Learning Circle' which was a nice surprise. When we got to the Learning Circle, we had a little seat and a drink of juice, the children enjoyed exploring the surroundings and our Sunflowers loved having their little brothers and sisters around for the morning trip! In total, we took 383990 steps.

Friday 28th July: Oh, this looks exciting... I wonder who we might find on our walk today! 

A huge 'thank you' to everyone who has sponsored our children to take part in the walk, and a huge 'well done' to everyone who has taken part!