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Location: Norwich Thorpe
31st October 2017

Spooky Day has Arrived!

Spooky Day has Arrived! Photo-1
Spooky Day has Arrived! Photo-2
Spooky Day has Arrived! Photo-3
Spooky Day has Arrived! Photo-4
Spooky Day has Arrived! Photo-5

It's very spooky here at Norwich Thorpe!!

Boo!, Woooo are the sounds I can hear around the nursery of the children jumping out at each other! It's very frightful!

There are so many different costumes that the children have come in today as, including witches, skeletons and pumpkins!

The children have been enjoying carving and scooping the pumpkins out and feeling the textures...ewwww!

We have also been exploring the ice cold monster hands. 

There is a Halloween feast throughout the day from our monstrous menu. yum yum! this feast included.. bewitching breakfast buffet, slimy spaghetti with monster meatballs and bootiful fruity pumpkin heads for pudding. Tea we will be having petrifying pumpkin samusas and gingerbread vampires. Muhaahahahahaha!!!!

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