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Location: Rainham
19th March 2018

Sports Relief Week W/c 19th March 2018

Sports Relief Week W/c 19th March 2018 Photo-1
Sports Relief Week W/c 19th March 2018 Photo-2
Sports Relief Week W/c 19th March 2018 Photo-3
Sports Relief Week W/c 19th March 2018 Photo-4
Sports Relief Week W/c 19th March 2018 Photo-5
Sports Relief Week W/c 19th March 2018 Photo-6

In aid of Sports Relief 2018 the children were able to get involved in sporty activities all week long.

Our babies used a variety of sporty balls to run them through paints and mark make on paper.  They also enjoyed a bunch of games like throwing, catching and bouncing the balls around.

AR especially liked kicking the ball to see how far it would go, ‘Kick’ he says repeatedly.

Next the babies were on to the balance beam in the garden.  They built the wooden blocks together as a team and then either individually or with the help of an adult, stepped up the blocks and along the beam to the other side.

They also spent time colouring a range of sporty pictures with colouring pencils.


Toddler room started the week by building an obstacle course in their garden.  They used the outside apparatus, blankets, a tough tray, stepping stones and the balance beam.

AK says ‘I’m going again!’ very excitedly.

Toddler room also had a very special surprise visit from a lady that came to host a Zumba session for them.  The children loved learning all the new dance moves and putting them into action.

The children also had a special game of football whereby rather than using their feet, they had to use their hands and try getting the ball into the goal.

Toddler room also placed different sized balls in to the water tray and used straws to try and blow them across to the other side.


Preschool room had a very fun, active and healthy week.

Starting with an obstacle course (always a favourite in the preschool room), using a combination of chairs and hula hoops the staff were able to use positional language to help the children gauge the course successfully.

Pre School also received a visit from a basic skills coach who taught them about throwing and catching, knocking over a tower and also rebuilding the tower.

They also pretended to be dinosaurs and moved around indifferent ways.

Little Ballers also stopped by for a visit to have some fun with the children.  They taught all about hand to eye coordination skills, using body parts, balls and coloured cones.

Little ballers are going to be visiting the children every Thursday until the summer to carry on the fun and teaching.

We look forward to seeing all the new skills the children learn as well as seeing all the fun they will have!