Location: Wigan - Marylebone
24th August 2016

Sports day

This month our preschool room took part in there very own mini Olympics! The preschool loved taking part in sports day and enjoyed showing their parents their competitive side. The day started with all the children warming up and practising there special races. Once the parents came in to watch, all the children became excited to show off their new skills! We started with a small sprint race which the children where cheered for as they crossed over the finish line. Next we had our very own egg and spoon race in the the children carefully walked to the finish like making sure not to drop their egg. Next was our beanbag race the children loved showing off how high they could jump and how fast they could jump to the finish line. Next was our three legged race, the children enjoyed racing with their keyworker to the finish line. Next we had a very special parent race. In this the parents showed off their competitive side during the sack race as one parent fell across the finish line to win.