Location: Chingford
10th May 2017

Spring Planting with Hedgehogs

Spring Planting with Hedgehogs Photo-1
Spring Planting with Hedgehogs Photo-2
Spring Planting with Hedgehogs Photo-3

Spring Planting

The children and adults transformed part of their garden in to a 'Grow Your Own' area.

The 'Grow your Own' area encourages children to become closer to the outdoors by growing fruit and vegetables in their nursery garden, teaching them about all sorts of fun, like lifecycles, recipes and how fruit and vegetables help their bodies grow big and strong.

The children in Hedgehogs helped to plant and water their crops, and took part in discussions on healthy living and life cycles. The children measured the amount of seeds they had planted and in the coming weeks will monitor and measure the growth of their food.

Hedgehogs also decided to plant Sunflowers to "make the garden pretty", says Grace. The Sunflowers will be measured each week by the children to enable them to learn and experience the growth of plants.

'Grow your Own' follows the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS), which states that early years settings should 'provide suitable experiences for young children to enable them to understand what healthy living is.' Growing and nurturing vegetables from seeds or cuttings encourages the skills needed to ensure the plants grow, including communication, physical development, problem solving and personal development.

Busy Bees believes that practitioners in early year's settings need to be good role models for young children in leading a healthy lifestyle, this will help them develop later in life, when they take responsibility for making their own decisions on maintaining their health and well-being.