Location: Meredale Nursery (Rainham, Gillingham)
21st April 2017

St Georges Day Friday 21st April 2017

St Georges Day Friday 21st April 2017 Photo-1
St Georges Day Friday 21st April 2017 Photo-2
St Georges Day Friday 21st April 2017 Photo-3
St Georges Day Friday 21st April 2017 Photo-4
St Georges Day Friday 21st April 2017 Photo-5
St Georges Day Friday 21st April 2017 Photo-6

Baby Room 0-2

Flag Making – The children used red and white tissue paper to stick onto their picture of the St George flag, giving them the opportunity to use their fine motor skills

Colouring Learning – The children went on to use colouring pencils to colour some flags while talking about the colours they were using.

Role Play – The children also got to dress up, using the outfits supplied and pretending to be dragons roaring and breathing fire through their journey!


Toddler Room 2-3

Flag Painting – The children used paintbrushes to create different marks in paint, on their flags along with straws to imitate the flag poles with which they are hung.

Drawing – The children used a range of colours to create their own mark making pieces.  They talked about the colours they used and even matched the names to the colours on the paper.

Play Dough – The children helped to sprinkle the red powder paint into the play dough to create their red dough and they each took it in turns to mix the dough well.  The children discussed colours along with what happens to the ingredients when the mixing happens.

Biscuits – The children of toddler room mixed together some red and white icing which they used to decorate their biscuits.  They all looked very yummy and the children did really well not to eat them before they got home so they could share them with their mummies and daddies.


Pre School Room 3-5

Playdough – The children made the playdough all the while discussing the ingredients they were using and what happens when the ingredients come together.  They used their red play dough to make shapes of dragons, flags and St George himself.

Flag Making – Preschool were set the task of creating their very own St George Flag.  They used the real flag as inspiration and designed their own flag using paints.

Junk Modelling – The children made a castle out of boxes and tubes as a home for St George.  They discussed who lived there and also the different parts to a castle.

Jigsaws – The children were able to use the room’s computer to complete the St George Puzzle.  They worked very well as a group to put the pieces together.

Hand Print Dragons – The children painted each others hands while talking about the texture of the paint and how it made them feel and printed them onto the paper.  Once they had dried they each cut out their hand print but all stuck them together to make one big dragon.

Mask Making – The children decorated St Georges Day masks.  They went on to discuss what he may have looked like, discussing his hair/eye colour, which then developed into the children discussing what each other looked like and the differences between them.

Short Stories – The children watched a few short stories on the room’s computer to learn lots of interesting facts about the day St George defeated the dragon. 


Lots of Fine Motor Skills, Physical Development, Expressive Art and design and Communication and Language being used this week throughout the nursery.