Location: Maidstone Hospital
7th August 2017

Staff Toddle Waddle

Staff Toddle Waddle Photo-1
Staff Toddle Waddle Photo-2
Staff Toddle Waddle Photo-3

Well today is the day of our adult toddle waddle, we are hoping it doesn't rain. Our Maidstone nurseries are all coming together to complete a round trip stopping off at them all on the way, to rest legs and get refreshments to keep us going.

On the day we all got dressed as our own little nursery family with a mum, dad, baby, dog, super hero, little red riding hood and our own little flamenco dancer.

We walked a total of 3.8 miles so if we multiply by the 5 of us who actually walked we did a total of 19 miles!

What an achievement, we are hoping to raise some money for our great cause of 'Meningitis Now' with donations flooding in through our Just Giving Page.

Thank you to all those that have donated so far.

Hope you enjoy the photos of the dress up on the day!