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Location: Inverness
22nd June 2018

Staff junk modelling competition

Staff junk modelling competition Photo-1
Staff junk modelling competition Photo-2

On Friday, each of our rooms took part in a junk modelling competition.  We had a massive pyramid created by Tweenies, which the children helped with, a Police car made by Toddlers, a replica of Edinburgh Castle created by pre-school, a giant giraffe made by the baby room and Louise in the office made a fairytale castle, complete with its very own fire-breathing dragon!

The models were voted on by pre-school graduates and their parents after Graduation and we can announce that baby room won with their friendly giraffe.  Aren't they all fabulous!

The baby room team will be treated to a well-earned afternoon tea!  Well done to all who took part.  It was a close race!