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Location: Edinburgh Park
3rd July 2018

Summer is Here

We have been having some beautiful sunny days recently and the children have been enjoying the outdoor play areas with their friends. Each room sets up their gardens each day to the interests of the children and to reflect the planning for the week.Loose parts are starting to make a show in our garden activities particularly in the the preschool garden where they have a variety of tubes they can connect to create their own structures. These came from an old tent that was no longer of use but the poles were fine and still usable. The preschool children have enjoyed making all sorts of things from them. The mud kitchen has also been moved around to the preschool garden for some creative mud cooking,. Long periods of time are spent re enacting scenario's from what children have seen and imagination has also played a part as they make up their own ideas. All this develops social skills as they work together and new language begins to flourish. In our toddler garden they are enjoying the welcome shade of the gazebo under which they can sit to read or play with toys and keep out of the sun. In place of the mud kitchen a tuft tray has been put out with some pots etc and the children have created their own type of mud kitchen and much fun is being had.  In our two younger rooms the children are enjoying the chance to run about and use those gross motor skills that they have to keep a little at bay in the room due no running inside. The gate between the babies and dragonflies is opened so the older babies can come through and make use of the dragonfly garden for running and practicing their walking skills. The garden has a variety of activities out from stories, block building, drawing and puppets. Each day something different is put out to change things about. The sandpit is the focal point of this age groups garden and many a time is spent digging away in the sand. Please if you have any pots or household items you do not want  feel free to bring them in. We are also looking for crates, pipes and any other odds and ends to add to these garden areas. So if you have any of these and want to input into your child's learning and creativity please feel free to bring them along they will be much appreciated.