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Location: Horsham
14th May 2018

Sun Awareness Week

This week all rooms have organised and taken part in suitable activities for their age group to encourage the children to learn about safety in the sun. 

Highlights of the week:

Big Cats showed enjoyment in making their own fruit smoothies, discussing the importance of staying hydrated in the hot weather. Big Cats also took part in a science experiment out in the garden. The children used various different tools to mark make with water and predicted how long it would take the sun to dry their marks on the patio. The children found this very interesting! 

The Parrot team sun creamed their toy babies with the children in the garden, helping them understand that we must wear sun cream in the hot weather.

Penguins made their own lemonade and ice lollies and showed enjoyment in exploring different exotic fruits. Penguins showed enjoyment in tasting their ice lollies and lemonade when having a picnic out in the garden!

Squirels washed the toy babies in a large tuff spot in the garden to cool them down. Squirels explored different tools and rescources when doing so and showed enjoyment in splashing the water using their hands.

The Tortoise team organised a fun activity where the children had to catogrise pictures in to hot and cold piles, for example- ice creams and fire. The children showed great interest and enjoyed discussing the different pictures. Tortoises also collaged pictures of hats using different media and discussed the importance of wearing a sun hat when going out in the garden. 

Pandas also made their own ice lollies and smoothies discussing and tasting different fruits. This helped the children understand the importance of staying hydrated throughout the hot weather.