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Location: Ayr
31st October 2017

Sunflower Halloween!

Sunflower Halloween!  Photo-1
Sunflower Halloween!  Photo-2
Sunflower Halloween!  Photo-3
Sunflower Halloween!  Photo-4
Sunflower Halloween!  Photo-5
Sunflower Halloween!  Photo-6

On Tuesday 31st October, we had our Halloween Party! We had great fun all day long.

In the morning, we carved a pumpkin. The children had great fun taking out the middle of the pumpkin and the seeds. We used our senses to smell the inside of the pumpkin and we discussed how it felt on our hands. 

We then added water, vinegar and soda powder into the centre of the pumpkin....AND BANG, there was an explosion!!!

In the afternoon was our Halloween Party! Lots of our friends and their mummy's, daddy's, gran's and grandpa's came along to join in the fun. 

We danced, played party games and dooked for apples. 

Cathy made us a spoooooooooky! snack which we enjoyed. It was ghost sandwich with jam and some super treats!

We had a great day. Well done to everyone for taking party in our Halloween day and our Halloween competitions. And too all our winners; Emme and Zoe for best pumpkins and to Harry and Amelia for best dress up!