Location: Guiseley
22nd June 2017

Sunflowers Day Out!

Sunflowers Day Out! Photo-1
Sunflowers Day Out! Photo-2
Sunflowers Day Out! Photo-3
Sunflowers Day Out! Photo-4
Sunflowers Day Out! Photo-5
Sunflowers Day Out! Photo-6

The children in Sunflowers went on their annual trip today! 

After much organisation and preparation from the staff with the venue and the travel company, everyone was raring to get going.

30 children and 11 staff boarded the coach and off they set! Each staff member had 3 children and in groups they got to explore the museum and absorb the many learning opportunities.

The group then got to have lunch aboard the Eureka express!

The day finished with an interactive workshop session held by staff from the venue who dressed up in various costumes. The story was 'The glow worm that didn't glow'. Rob (from nursery) got to dress as the 'Queen Ant' which the children really enjoyed as they got to 'walk' around the garden to deliver food to him in his role of Queen Ant.

Each child got a a fridge magnet to take home as a souvenir of the day!

There was some super tired Sunflowers children on the way home, and staff too! We hope everyone had a lovely long sleep!