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Location: Harrogate Hornbeam Park (KC)
3rd May 2018

Swinging into Spring

Swinging into Spring Photo-1

We called in the help of some of our loyal Grand Parents today to help us in the Garden and what a lovely day it turned out to be.

The Sun was shining and there was lots of growing and planting activities going on.

The children were engaged in a variety of appropriate activities that support development across all areas of the curriculum including planting cress, sunflowers, seeds and flowers and experimenting with broad beans (upstairs in our pre-school). 

This was a lovely opportunity for our Grandparents to see the things we get up to in Nursery. 

We will be extending these activities over the next coming weeks and caring for the things we have planted and enjoy watching them grow. Pre-school children in particular will be making predictions and drawings about what they think will happen to the items we have planted.

Some parents may even be able to get involved at home and care for the Sunflowers or Cress that some of the children have started here at nursery. We hope they share with us the things that they observe happening.