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Location: Bexleyheath
23rd January 2018

Take care Tuesday

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Today is “Take Care Tuesday”, we had a lot of opportunities for your children to join in the variety of activities that we had planned. They are all age appropriate and most importantly, they are great fun. They children will be talking about family and friends, making family and friend’s books and boxes, drawing portraits of our friends and talking about things we like and dislike.

In our under 2 year rooms the children had babies in water trays where they were spoken about the importance of caring for others, and the children washed their babies in the water using flannels, then getting them dry and put some clothes on. 

In our over 2 year rooms the children had discussions about safety, who they should call, who is important to us and why we should take care of one another. We also had a visit from the local fire Bridge who kindly came down to let the children go on their fire engine, try on their equipment, they even let the children fire the hose. The fireman then came in to have a chat with the children about safety and what their jobs involved.