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Location: Norwich Thorpe
19th June 2018

Tasty Tuesday

Cooking our way into Tuesday

Well what a busy day we have had today! With Englands 2-1 victory last night everyone is in the party spirit. 

All of the rooms have been celebrating a different country throughout the day that are in the world cup. 

Babies have been singing French songs throughout the day. Jo is very good at singing in French! They then made some yummy French fancies. 

Toddlers have been learning all about Sweden and made some Chokladbollar (swedish chocolate balls) they look very yummy, all of the children cannot wait to try them! 

2-3's have been learning about Portugal. They have been learning new words and made some baklava using dried fruit and apricot jam, they look very delicious! 

Pre-School have been having a Brazilian carnival all day, celebrating Brazil. They have made doughballs this morning and carnival hats. In the afternoon they performed some salsa dancing for the rest of the nursery. It was great and everyone wriggled their hips to the music! After all that dancing they then looked at different fruit that is eaten in Brazil and got to try it as well. Delicious! 

We are nearly at half time, what else can we do before half time?