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Location: Edinburgh Park
14th October 2017

Team Building Exercise

Once upon a time there were 12 ladies game enough to give paintballing a go. They all gathered at 9.15am on a Saturday morning at the designated Paintball site, got there gear of overalls and helmet. It was then time to stock up on pellets before a safety demonstration. Word got out that there was a manager amongst them so she was given a special target to wear for the day to her dismay. After being split into teams of green and black they listened to a short safety briefing on how to use the guns and what to do or not to do as the case may be while engaged in the games. When the word was given they set off with the rest of the group that had been marked with green and black and would be taking part in the games they were playing. Down into the trees they went to an area of mud, barricades and trees. The aim of the game was explained then the marshal sent them to their  safety area before yelling go. Pop pop pop was then heard as people were running to get to the bridge to pull the flag up for their team. Down in the mud went one of the team as they ran for the barricade closest to the bridge. It was all in good fun but boy did those pellets hurt when they hit you. Soon 5,4 3,2,1 stop was heard as the game came to an end. No winner this time. Time to change sides of the bridge to repeat the whole thing again.Pop pop pop pop the guns go off as the teams begin making their way towards the flag. This time the green team managed to get down to the bridge and raise the flag only to be defeated by the black team changing it over and raising it for their team. Soon 5,4,3,2,1 was heard again and game over. Oh well a draw what can we say. Time to move onto another area to play another game. This went on like this for several hours before it was time for a break for lunch. Pizza yummy or not but it filled the gap from all that ducking and diving going on to miss pellets and make it to the target areas. Once lunch was over it was time for 4 more games one which involved retrieving a head from a church. Green team did well with this but however brought the head to their safety zone not the other teams so that was a point against them. When these games were finished it was time for a game of last man standing. No teams everyone was out for themselves. Watch out manager this is the time your target will come into play. Pop pop pop pop was heard in quick succession as everyone tried dodging pellets and hiding but alas the game was short lived as one after another people were hit so it was then back to the base to return all the gear and a short prize giving ceremony. Sharlene received an award for being the manager and getting hit so much in the last game. Well done Sharlene. It was then time for the girls to take their weary bruised bodies home for a good soak in the bath or a hot shower. It was a very good day with lots of fun and laughter. Shame about the midges that were biting everyone.