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Location: Chelmsford
24th October 2017

Team Colours Week @ Chelmsford

Team Colours Week @ Chelmsford Photo-1
Team Colours Week @ Chelmsford Photo-2
Team Colours Week @ Chelmsford Photo-3
Team Colours Week @ Chelmsford Photo-4
Team Colours Week @ Chelmsford Photo-5

This week at Chelmsford was Team Colours week. A fun-filled week of colourful activities to encourage the children to get to know their Key Person in the nursery! We were as bold and bright as we could possibly be, representing our team colours with pride!!!

With different activities taking place each day, the children had a fantastically colour-filled week. It kicked off with Colourful Science, with plenty of experiments taking place. Our Pre-School Academy children looked at floating and sinking using oranges, and exploring different textures in gloop!

We continued with a Creative day, getting creative with colour. Activities included painting, sticking, and even creating some tie-dye flags with our older children! 

The Pre-School's Sport Bonanza was a great success; with egg-and-spoon races, bike races, hopping races, and even a teacher's race! The children had great fun cheering on their teams and really embraced the spirit of the day.

We had some wonderfully colourful outfits throughout the week too, with children and staff alike really showing off their team colours! Pre-School finished the week by getting outdoors and creating a giant footprint collage!