Location: Harlow
17th January 2017

Ten little dinosaurs

Ten little dinosaurs Photo-2
Ten little dinosaurs Photo-3
Ten little dinosaurs Photo-4
Ten little dinosaurs Photo-5
Ten little dinosaurs Photo-6

All this week we are acting out our favourite stories for enrolment week! On Tuesday 2-3's read 'Ten little dinosaurs'. The children explored their dinosaur imagination area while reading the story and role played with these. They had numbered dinosaurs and feet laid out, so the children were learning their numbers throughout the story.

After the story the children made lots of mark making with paints and dinosaurs feet, making footprints and different patterns with them!


"The children love dinosaurs and we already have a dinosaur area within our room. So this was a perfect story for us to read! We were able to practice our numbers as well as role playing with our favourite dinosaurs!"  - Kerry Parker ~ Room Manager of 2-3's

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