Location: Kettering - Venture Park
27th March 2017

Thank you for supporting Red Nose Day 2017

This year the nursery children were asked to bring along their bikes to nursery for the day and sponsored bike ride.  The children were keen to show off their cycling skills and those without bikes brought scooters along instead.   The children took it in turns to ride around the nursery garden track and staff were on hand to ensure they completed the challenge.   Whilst this was going on the toddler group were all taking part in a sponsored bounce.  The children were really excited to take part and all watched each other bounce and help raise money for charity.

Thank you as always to all the parents for your help and support in making this possible.  We are collecting in all the sponsorship money, so please ensure this is with us by the end of the week the   7 th April.

Well done to everyone who help support Red Nose Day 2017.