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Location: Chingford
22nd March 2018

The Activity Blog- Exploring in Preschool

The Activity Blog- Exploring in Preschool  Photo-1

Preschools Nature Trail 


Preschool made a discovery in the garden today! They found a bee on the ground, Jayden said “Ahh the Bee is sleeping”. The children showed a lot of care and concern about the bee and decided to collect some natural resources including twigs and leaves to make the bee a bed. They laid the resources around the bee gently. Rosie B said “It’s a bee!”  and Rocky said “whats that”. After making the bee a bed, Georgia said “We need some water melon for when she’s hungry”. The children then went into the home corner and found a water melon to feed the bee. Once they found one, they placed it next to the bee’s bed for when the bee wakes up. Suhairah then says “He can’t fly yet because he’s still sleeping”


What are the children gaining from this experience?

The children are extending their Personal Social Emotional skills as they are all engaging in conversation about the activity and sharing their feelings, thoughts and views. They are also enhancing their Understanding the World Development as they are talking about things they have observed such as plants, animals, natural and found objects. They are showing care and concern for living things and the environment and they make comments about the situation. Communication and Language development is also enhanced as they use their voices a lot throughout the activity.


How can we extend this activity?

Read a story about where animals come from, what they like to eat and where they come from, to enhance the children’s knowledge of nature. 
Read a story about insects, look at the pictures and try to find the insects in the garden. Go on a bug hunt!
Discuss with the children the importance of healthy foods