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10th September 2015

The Benefits of Sending Your Child to Nursery

Sending your child to nursery is one of the biggest steps you will have to make as a parent. It can be a very sensitive time, but nursery can have a positive and long-term impact on children’s capabilities, progress and social development.

A child’s brain develops more in the first five years than at any other stage of their life. During this time they develop emotions, speech, taste, touch, behaviour and so many more important skills that will shape the rest of their lives, so allowing them to have rich experiences will help to maximise their growth and learning.

A recent study commissioned by the Department of Education (June 2015) looked at how pre-school influences children and young people's attainment. The study found that children who had attended a nursery and pre-school setting had a better overall attainment than children who did not, and that an early start for children in a high quality setting showed especially beneficial.  

Choosing to send your child to nursery can play a big part in their childhood; it is a focused environment for children to flourish and grow to the best they possibly can. Children are able to make new friends of a similar age, develop relationships and social skills that will shape their growth when going forward. These skills will help when children go on to start school, out-of-school activity classes, university, etc., to help build them as confident individuals. 

It is recognised that many parents structure learning based activities at home, and so a high quality nursery environment works to really compliment this education. Nursery delivers focussed activities to children, according to the Early Years Foundation Stage Learning, which are planned to meet each child’s individual stage of development and interests. 

“Children achieving a good level of development are those achieving at least the expected level within the following areas of learning: communication and language; physical development; and personal, social and emotional development; literacy; and mathematics.”                                        

At Busy Bees we promote inclusive practice and encourage unique planning for each individual child to strengthen their own development, through working in partnership with parents. We believe that working in partnership with parents is paramount to children's learning and development. 
Each child is allocated a member of staff known to the parent and child as your child's 'Key Person'. Key Person's recognise that the parent is the child's first educator; it is the parent who will know their child best and so we work with the parent to ensure that we have all current information needed to settle and to build upon your child's learning and development. 

The dedicated staff at nursery are committed to making sure that children are supported in key values of mutual respect, managing feelings, making relationships and self-awareness as well as giving them new attachments with other adults, that will help to prepare them for their future. 

We asked some of our parents what they thought the benefits were of sending their child to Busy Bees…

The main advantage for us was the structure of Busy Bees. Tom and I were supported fully throughout the transitions from Squirrels up to Owls. As he has progressed there have been new key workers and new peers, which has taught him how to socialise and adapt. The success of this has become apparent now that Tom has started school, he has had started of this new stage as a confident and social little boy and we owe that to Busy Bees.

Jennie Doig, Busy Bees at Newcastle

I really struggled with the dilemma of being a stay at home mum or returning to work. When my youngest reached seven months old I made the decision to return to work on a part time basis. For me it gave me the best of both worlds: quality time with my children and a career. 

After lots of research, I chose Busy Bees nursery in Burton and haven’t looked back since. I am amazed with how much work the key people put into understanding the unique needs and interests of my children and developing activities that engage them in learning. My little boy has just graduated from the pre-school and looking through his learning journal fills me with complete awe – he really has come on leaps and bounds since being at Busy Bees and that’s because he’s been nurtured in a stimulating environment, surrounded by people who are experts in what they do and genuinely care for his wellbeing and development. He’s done things at Busy Bees that I know he would have never had the opportunity to experience at other settings. Earlier this week, while other children were crying and being prised from their parents, my little boy skipped into his new school on his first day full of confidence and excitement and I owe that to how well he’s been prepared by his key person at Busy Bees. He loves learning new things, makes friends easily and understands the world around him. Busy Bees has without a doubt given my little boy the best possible start in life.

I would recommend Busy Bees to all parents who want their children to have the same.

Bethan Godley, Busy Bees at Burton

I cannot recommend busy bees enough! My eldest daughter attended the nursery in Haywards Heath for 18 months and absolutely loved it there. All the staff knew her by name, even those not working in the preschool room, and she adored her key carer, Jason, and Sophie and Sarah who also work in preschool. Their dedication to the children in their care is second to none, seeing their genuine affection towards the children and all the ways they help them to learn meant we never had any worries leaving Joy in their care.

As a naturally shy child it has been wonderful to see her bloom and come out of her shell as she's gotten older and her time at Busy Bees has played a major role in this and really prepared her well for 'big' school. A fantastic environment for children, run by fantastic people. What more could you ask for?!

Sophie Ray, Busy Bees at Haywards Heath

Our son Theo Holloway started at Busy Bees 4 years ago with a complex medical history, which amplifies our recognition for what they did for us. Sending your child to nursery at 10 months old is scary enough, Theo went at 10 months after two open heart surgeries and brain surgery. The staff gave us so much confidence to leave him with them, showing empathy for our situation.

Your entire team at Pyestock have been incredible at every step of Theo's journey, and in particular we would like to mention Karla Hall Davis who was Theo’s key carer when we had a very tough year - when Theo had open heart surgery once and brain surgery twice in 6 months! She built hospital corners, collected role-play material, built an ambulance, all to help Theo with his journey and to help others understand. She is an absolute credit to the nursery and deserves special recognition. I see her make every child feel special and she is full of smiles and energy every day!

The team members are all highly intelligent, intuitive, empathetic and professional. Can't praise them enough, we've had an incredible experience at Busy Bees! 

Lee and Elissa Holloway, Busy Bees Farnborough Pyestock

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