Location: Bexleyheath
19th June 2017

The Day the fire Brigade came to visit

Today Pre-school had a lovely surprise from the Fire Brigade , the children were all placed in their key groups and firstly shown around the fire engine. The fireman spoke about what they do and what their job involves. The Fireman asked the children questions about what the equipment was i.e ' the hoses' 'cutters' and what number they needed to call if their was a fire. some of the children knew the number to call, which was great to hear.  

Some of the children got to hold the equipment and fire the hoses. All the children got to sit on the fire Engine and put on their hats, and they were able to press the buttons for the siren and the blue lights. 

At the end the children were given stickers and activity packs to take home and do with their parents.