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Location: Welwyn - Mardley Hill
23rd January 2018

The Fire Fighters Came To Visit Us!

The Fire Fighters Came To Visit Us!

A fantastic morning was had by all as our amazing local fire brigade attended nursery today!

The children were absolutely delighted to see the fire engine as it pulled into the nursery car park - their little faces lit up and big loud cheers were heard as the engine reversed into place.

The fire fighters were amazing, allowing lots of time for the children to ask questions in order to satisfy their inquisitive minds. Help was provided as the children held pieces of equipment such as, the water hose and protective clothing. 

Thank you so much Welwyn Fire Brigade, the children at Mardley Hill had a truly fantastic morning learning about the very important roles you undertake each day.

If you would like further information on the exciting events we have planned for the forthcoming months please contact Laura the Nursery Manager on: 01438 840138 and she will be very happy to help.