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Location: Edinburgh Park
27th September 2017

The Leaves are falling

The dragonfly room children were outside playing when Calum noticed the leaves falling down from the trees. He went over to investigate them, looking at them and picking them up. One of the staff explained to him what was happening to the leaves and he listened intently. The next day all the children from dragonflies went on a woodland walk to collect leaves, sticks and other natural materials for a 3D display within their room for continuous exploration and other exciting activities. As they were collecting the leaves colours were being discussed and the children would copy saying the words the teachers were using but also chatting away in their own words.There was such excitement over all the different leaves and sticks that were being found. Going on walks like this is a great way to broaden children's horizons, make links between the nursery and community and to foster language development by describing what is being seen. All the children no doubt had a great time and the evidence can be seen in their room with the lovely display that was made and still being used.