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Location: Chingford
18th April 2018

The Nursery Blog- Summer Time Madness

The Nursery Blog- Summer Time Madness  Photo-1
The Nursery Blog- Summer Time Madness  Photo-2
The Nursery Blog- Summer Time Madness  Photo-3
The Nursery Blog- Summer Time Madness  Photo-4
The Nursery Blog- Summer Time Madness  Photo-5

Summer Time Madness

The sun is out in Chingford! The children are all soaking up some sun whilst playing in the garden.  In 2-3s garden, the staff have set out multiple activities for the children to enjoy. Before going out, the children have to apply sun block cream to ensure they don’t get burnt whilst playing. They are then encouraged to put on their summer hats before stepping into the garden.  Once done, the children can enter the garden and begin enjoying their activities. Amayah is riding the car around the garden, she says “the sun is in my eyes, it’s not safe to drive”.  Lily is sitting on the bench, building a tower. She counts “1,2,3.” In the house Ben and Zach are opening and closing all of the windows.  Zach sees that a member of staff is taking pictures of the children, he pulls on Bens arm and says “Cheese, Cheese”.  Christine is sitting in the mud area with a small group of children, they are all digging the mud. Chrisitine says “where are all of the worms hiding?” a child responds by saying “here!” whilst picking up a worm.


Summer at Busy Bees
We love summer at busy bees and are always prepared with fun activities for the children! The children love to get out the water play and splash around under the sun, extending from this, we occasionally like to get out the sprinklers. The sprinkler sprays water up and down in the air whilst children run through it. The sprinkler only shoots a certain distance, meaning children who want to stay dry do not have to participate.  On summery days, we also love having picnics in the garden! From sandwiches to cakes and biscuits, the children get to enjoy the fresh air whilst sitting down for tea with their peers. In all of the gardens, we have many other activities set up for the children to enjoy outdoors.


What do the children gain from spending time outdoors?

  • It improves their vision
  • It promotes social skills
  • It increases attention span
  • It reduces stress
  • It increases Vitamin D levels


Simple outdoor activities to try at home

  • Go on a bug hunt- grab your magnifying glass and go find some bugs! To extend this activity you can speak to your children about the bugs they have found , where they live and what they eat.
  • Run through sprinklers- let your child strip off and get splashed with water underneath the sunshine.
  • Play in a sandbox- get imaginative by building sandcastles.
  • Paint wooden fences using water- just a paintbrush and water can provide your child with so much fun. Let them paint the fence with water and watch it dry infront of their eyes.