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Location: York
19th January 2018

The Rainbow Fish

The Rainbow Fish Photo-1
The Rainbow Fish Photo-2

This week the Foundation Class have been continuing to explore our provocation on animals by incorporating literacy and imaginative play. The children love the book 'The Rainbow Fish', so we set up a Rainbow Fish play station in the water tray, with coloured sequins, foil and various sea creatures. We explored different ways to attach the scales to our fish: "If you get them all wet, then the wet scale will stick to the wet fish." and the names of the animals. "This is a narwhal, and that's a whale."

Our floor book also included Polish words, such as 'please', 'thank you' and 'The Rainbow Fish'. The children picked up on this quickly, and asked "How do you say Rainbow Fish in Polish?" They are familiar with the other cultures in our nursery, and it's great to see them keen to learn new words and phrases to engage with their peers.

They also remembered the key moral of the story: "If you don't share with your friends then they won't be your best friend any more.", and made comparisons to other books: "It's like the bear who wouldn't share his cakes."