Location: Livingston - Quarrywood Court
26th August 2016

The Refurbishment

The Refurbishment Photo-1
The Refurbishment Photo-2
The Refurbishment Photo-3
The Refurbishment Photo-4
The Refurbishment Photo-5
The Refurbishment Photo-6

The refurbishment of the baby building is nearing completion. The Angels room is all but finished and the children have returned to the room. there is a few finishing touches to be done and then it will be fantastic. Snowdrops have just a few things left in the room to complete along with the finishing touches that will make the room really lovely.

The office and the hallway are also being given a new look and should all be finished by next week. The dining area has also been done and this will be completed next week too.

It is really making a difference to the rooms. The children will love being in their new rooms and the new environment that will enhance the play each day.