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Location: Chingford
21st September 2017

The Toddler Blog- Ball Painting

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The Toddler Blog - Ball Painting

Our Activity

In Rabbits Room (1-2 years), Grace set up a fun, exciting activity. She spread out some paper across the floor and provided different colour paints. She then brought out some coloured balls of all different sizes for the children to splash around into the paint. Elijah laughed hysterically whilst doing this and found it very entertaining. Maya began laughing at Elijah when he was pulling faces and Emilia said “Grace”, whilst pointing at Grace. The children were all communicating with each other and bonding over this activity, enhancing their Communication & Language Skills.  They picked up the balls and rolled them through the paint, this supports their gross motor skills. When they roll the ball through the paint they create marks and art across the paper which helps encourage their Expressive Art & Design.  We provided balls of different sizes and let the children choose which one they would like which not only encourages their independence, it also supports their Mathematical Development as they are recognising different sizes.


How getting messy helps toddlers learn more

  • Toddlers who grasp and taste objects are also better at retaining words
  • Messy children are more likely to be better at learning, a study found
  • It sparks their five senses
  • -t allows them to use their imagination & express themselves


What is expressive arts?

Expressive Arts is a creative therapy. Though there are many different ways to practice within each discipline, the main difference is that Expressive Art uses all the disciplines of art: visual, movement, music, drama, writing.


Fun activities to try at home:

Sparkle Finger Painting- Mix finger paint and glitter together, place a paper on a table/floor etc and let your child use their hands to get creative.This will encourage your child to get creative a messy whilst expressing their emotions.

Car Painting- Roll out paper on the floor and provide multiple paints. Let your child run the car through the paints and onto the painting to make a unique pattern! This will support your childs Physical Development and and Expressive Art & Design Development.

Paint in a bottle- This is a very simple yet imaginative activity, Put paint in a squeezy bottle and let your child squeeze out however much they like! They can enhance their gross motor skills by squeezing the bottle.