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Location: Chingford
27th October 2017

The Toddler Blog- Bright Lights

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                                                                       Bright Lights

Our Activity

In Owls Room, Saphari and Natan participated in a sensory activity. Gemma brought out a sensory ball, this ball lights up a very bright pink/purple colour, which made Natan curious and prompted him to take part in the activity. He walked straight over to the ball and placed both of his hands on top to feel the texture. Saphari on the other hand was a little bit more cautious of the activity, Gemma persuaded Saphari to come closer to the ball, which she did. She then watched Natan as he played with the ball, and decided it would be fun for her to join in. Saphari picked up a shape and looked through it whilst laughing at Natan. She then put it on top of the sensory ball and the shape lit up, Saphari and Natan were both amazed by this and continued putting more shapes on the ball.


Why is sensory important for toddlers?

It stimulates all of their senses.

  • Taste – the stimulation that comes when our taste receptors react to chemicals in our mouth.
  • Touch – the stimulation that comes from touch receptors in our skin that react to pressure, heat/cold, or vibration.
  • Smell – the stimulation of chemical receptors in the upper airways (nose).
  • Sight – the stimulation of light receptors in our eyes, which our brains then interpret into visual images.
  • Hearing – the reception of sound, via mechanics in our inner ear.
  • Body awareness (also known as proprioception) – the feedback our brains receive from stretch receptors in our muscles and pressure receptors in joints which enable us to gain a sense where our bodies are in space.
  • Balance – the stimulation of the vestibular system of the inner ear to tell us our body position in relation to gravity

Fun Facts about your senses

  • The taste of food, is detected by sensory cells called taste buds located on top of the tongue. There are five basic tastes: sweet, bitter, sour, salty and savoury.
  • Around 80% of what we think is taste is actually smell. Flavor, is a combination of taste and smell perception. Test this yourself by holding your nose closed the next time you eat something, can you taste it very well? Chances are you can't.
  • Compared to animals, humans have a quite weak sense of smell