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Location: Chingford
5th January 2018

The Toddler Blog- Cabbage Painting

The Toddler Blog- Cabbage Painting Photo-1
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Cabbage Painting

Our Activity
In Owls Room (1-2 years), the children enjoyed participating in cabbage painting. The chef Veronica, provided the rooms with cabbages to use in the activity. The staff then cut up the cabbages into appropriate sizes and filled up a painting tray with different colour paints. All of the equipment was laid out on the table for the children to access. One by one, the children put on a apron and sat at the table. The reason we done this activity with each individual child is so the children get as much support as they can, and are allowed to be as imaginative as they like. First up, was Saphari. Saphari instantly grabbed the paintbrush and started painting the cabbage. She stuck her hand in the paint and looked at her hand with surprise. She then got up from the table, walked over to the sink and picked up a wet wipe, wiping her hands. After, she sat back at the table and watched as a staff member showed her what to do, she then copied this and put her painting to the side to dry. Next, Oliver comes over to the table. He was hesitant at first, but once encouraged by Gemma, he finally touched the cabbage. He then picked up the cabbage and threw it onto the paper, leaving marks.


How does this support learning?
The children learnt a lot from this activity as it covers many areas of learning. First of all, the children are picking up the paintbrush and painting the cabbage; this supports their Physical Development as they are enhancing their gross motor skills. Secondly, the children are choosing the colours they want to use and choosing a paintbrush which is giving them independence; supporting their Personal, Social, Emotional Development. Last, the children are putting the paint where they want, and stamping where they want which is allowing them to use their imagination; supporting their Expressive Art & Design Development.


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