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Location: Chingford
29th November 2017

The Toddler Blog- Dinosaurs Come Alive

Dinosaurs Come Alive

Our Activity

In Rabbits Room (1-2 years), Zalihe carried out a one to one activity with Elijah. She filled a tough tray with colourful shredded paper to resemble leaves, wooden logs to resemble trees and dinosaurs full of different colours and sizes. Elijah picked up the dinosaur and said "Pink Dinosaur". He also noticed that there is more than one dinosaur because he pointed at them and said "1,2". For a while Elijah used his imagination and got the dinosaur to walk across the shredded paper (the leaves) and got the dinosaur to stamp on the wooden blocks. Zalihe asked Elijah to find the yellow dinosaur, which he did without hesitating,