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Location: Chingford
2nd November 2017

The Toddler Blog- Fireworks

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Firework Display

Our Activity

In Rabbits Room (1-2 years), the children got very creative with various bright colours. Jo brought out some paints, glitter, paper and some paintbrushes. She then encouraged the children to approach the table so they could see what sort of activity she had planned. Elijah was the first to walk over to the table, he sees the paints and get excited. Jo encourages some of the children to put a apron on, a few do not want to do this so we allow them to have their own choice. Elijah sat himself in the chair whilst Jo wrote his name on the piece of paper. Jo then showed him the different paints we had and allowed him to choose the colour he wanted.  Once Elijah picked up the paintbrush he splattered it all over the page whilst showing excitement. Elijah was trying to say "firework" whilst Jo was speaking to him about the special event. After he had finished the picture, he was so proud and he held his picture whilst a staff member took a photo. Phoebe was next to create her picture, she found it hard to choose which colour she wanted to use first and anticipated for a while. She then decided on the colour she wanted and splashed the page with the colours. She said "Bang" and "Pop" whilst clapping her hands together. She was also proud of her picture and showed the staff members in the room. Maya then had her turn and done the same as Elijah and Phoebe, she also held up her picture and let a staff member take a photo. The children were all able to have their own choice in the activity and were praised whilst they done so. This activity helps support their Physical Development skills as they are using their gross motor skills to pick up the paint brush and make marks. It is supporting their Communication Language skills as they are repeating words and listening to what Jo has to say about the activity. It helps their Personal Social Emotional skills as they are communicating with one another, copying what each other are doing and learning by watching their peers, and it helps support their Expressive Art and Design as they are being creative and choosing a certain way they want their art work to be whilst using various colours.

Why is it important to communicate to children?

Speech, language and communication play a vital role in our lives. Without being able to talk to, and understand other people we cant do things like:

  • Communicate with our families
  • Buy things at the shops
  • Watch Television
  • Build relationships
  • Socialise
  • Learn
  • Go to work

Fortunately, most children do learn to communicate. Children develop communication skills from birth. They rely on speech, language and communication to be able to learn at school and play with friends. They need these skills to reach their full potential.

Firework Activities to try at home

Sprinkle Fireworks- Pour some ice cream sprinkles on paper, mist them with water and let them dry!

Salt Fireworks- Use regular white glue to make firework shapes on paper. Sprinkle with salt. Once its dry, drip some coloured water on the salt and watch the colour crawl!

Fireworks in a jar- Fill a clean jar with warm water. Put a few tablespoons of oil into a separate bowl. Drip food colouring into the oil and mix it very gently to break it up a little bit. Slowly pour the oil into the water and wait for the fireworks to start.

Firework Stamps- Bend pipe cleaners into firework shapes and use them to stamp colourful firework shapes on dark paper, add some glitter if wanted.