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1st February 2018

The Toddler Blog- Fun in The Sand

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The Toddler Blog- Fun In The Sand

Our Activity

In Rabbits Room (1-2 years) and Owls Room (1-2 years) the children had lots of fun playing in the sand. Each room provided a sand tray and the children had the choice to add the toys they wanted. In owls room, Oliver decided to add some vehicles (cars, helicopters and trains) and Sebastian decided to add some spoons. We allowed the children to choose what they wanted, as it encourages their independence and allows them to have a say in the activity. It also allows the activity to be based more around their interests which will enable them to concentrate more. Oliver liked to run his fingers through the sand, leaving marks, then pouring sand over them to make them disappear. Tharun enjoyed throwing the sand in the air and watching it fall between his fingers, he also enjoyed putting the sand on a spoon and pouring it on top of the car. In rabbits room, Zalihe provided the children with measuring jugs, sieves and spoons. She spoke to the children about measuring the sand and she also poured the sand through the sieve to show the children. After doing this, Daniel picked up a Sieve and copied her. Zalihe then spoke to the children about the texture of the sand and used words like “Soft, Rough”.


How does this support the childrens development?

Not only are we allowing the children to have their own say, we are also involving each child in the activity. Doing this, gives the children a confidence boost and encourages them to be more involved in the activity. Pouring the sand and picking up the objects such as the spoon, supports their Physical Development and their gross motor skills. Engaging in the activity with their peers supports their Personal Social Emotional Development as they are bonding with their peers over the same activity, they are watching what the other children are doing and copying, whilst laughing, allowing them to form a relationship.  The activity also supports their Expressive Art and Design Development as Oliver is running his fingers through the sand and making marks, he notices he is making marks, pours sand over them to make them disappear, then does this action all over again. By making marks in the sand he is expressing himself and creating lines.

Fun sand activities to do at home

Sand Drawings- Using clear squeeze bottles and a variety of coloured sand, get your child to make sand drawings over all sorts of different canvas.

Create an indoor beach- Fill a tray with sand and add various equipment such as houses, spades, people and water (to resemble the sea). In this activity, anything is possible! Let your child choose what they want in their sandy beach, get them using their imagination and watch where the activity takes them.

Sand Sticking- A very simple, yet fun activity. Provide your child with some glue and allow them to pour it over the paper. Then let them sprinkle the paper with sand, when finished, shake the paper off and take a look at the beautiful pattern!