Location: Chingford
6th July 2017

The Toddler Blog- Garden Fun

In Squirrels room (3-15 months), Rabbits room (1-2 years) and Owls room (1-2 years) the children are enjoying the sunshine and fresh air. We have various activities set up in our garden which encourage children to get the best out of their development. In our construction area we have some foam bricks and a wheel barrow to carry them around. Elijah said "look" and pointed at the wheel barrow, he then proceeded to pick the wheelbarrow up and started pushing it around the garden. Elijah picked a brick out of the wheelbarrow one by one, a staff member prompted him to count. This small activity can benefit Elijah in many ways, it is helping support his mathematical development by encouraging him to count, it is helping with his physical development because he is pushing it around and it is also helping his communication and language development as he is encouraged to speak about the activity. Saphari who is 1 year, enjoyed riding around the garden in the car. She managed to open the door to the car and sit inside. She was also turning the wheel and saying "beep, beep", when copying a staff member. Again this helps support physical development and communication and language. Amelia and Phoebe sat nicely in the creative area, they used various colour pencils to make marks